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Industry Internships at Daimler’s DataLab

The Data and Knowledge Engineering Group frequently collaborates with industry partners on various research projects.

The cooperation between academia and industry accelerates the integration of innovation into hands-on products and services and demonstrates the direct benefits of our research. For this reason, we have industrial Ph.D. candidates at Daimler in Stuttgart and we are very supportive in offering industry internships to our students.

One of our partner teams is the DataLab of the department “IT Group Functions” that is responsible for the global IT system landscape of Daimler AG finance departments. The team works on finance topics and currently cooperates with the University of Wuppertal on their blockchain-related research.  The mindset of the DataLab-team:

We employ agile methods for projects where we design the user experience and develop prototypes for reporting and finance applications. Our mission is to promote and support innovation. 


Daimler is currently looking for a student for its prototyping team with a focus on development tasks in decentralized applications.

Student Developer

Tasks and requirements:

  • Working with innovative technologies such as content-addressable file systems and blockchain
  • Support us in ideation workshops
  • Create prototypes that improve processes, create customer value, or innovate and restructure our current landscape

Your profile:

  • Enrolled in Information Technology, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Physics or similar, at the Bergische University of Wuppertal
  • Experience programming in one or more of the following:
      - Java
      - Kotlin
      - Rust
      - C/C++
      - JavaScript
      - …
  • Experience in developing Web-Apps, e.g., with:
      - VueJS
      - React
      - …
  • Willingness to learn new technologies, tools, and methods
  • Strong communication skills, structured working style, and pro-activeness

Daimler offers:

  • The opportunity to learn from the best
  • The opportunity for hands-on knowledge acquisition
  • Own workspace at Stuttgart Vaihingen & modern hardware
  • Mentorship & access to industry networks
  • Productive working atmosphere in a small but unique prototyping team

The position is to be filled at the start of the next semester and is set for 6 Months.

If you are interested, please send your documents (a CV including skills and competencies, as well as any completed degree certificates and your current grade report) in digital form to: Prof. Dr. Bela Gipp (gipp{at}

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