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  • Bela Gipp to give Keynote at KO:MON Convention 2019
    Bela Gipp will give a Keynote at the KO:MON convention in Bremen on September 19th.   ... [more]
  • DKE welcomes new Team Member
    We're happy to announce that this week, Terry Ruas (Ph.D.) joined our research group. He is working... [more]
  • Prof. J. Stephen Downie, Co-Director of the HathiTrust Research Center and Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to visit DKE
    On September 9th, 2019, Prof. J. Stephen Downie will visit our research group and give a talk titled... [more]
  • DAAD Presents new Stipend Program and Interviews Bela Gipp
    The DAAD, or the German Academic Exchange Service, has recently announced a new Stipend Program... [more]
  • Bela Gipp to give a Talk at ETH Zürich
    ETH Zurich's DOI Desk is organizing a full-day event on "Persistent Identifiers in Research" to... [more]
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Dr. Tomáš Foltýnek

Senior Researcher for Plagiarism Detection and Semantic Analysis

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Felix Petersen

Doctoral Researcher

Felix will start working as a doctoral researcher in 2019.

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